Sunday, June 23, 2013


So I finally started that webcomic. So far I only have a domain name ( but haven't built the website yet...working on that. For now, Space Toast is based on Facebook:


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Web Comic Stuff and a NEW SHORT!

Hey peeps. So, since roughly 95% of the traffic I get here is from Facebook, you probably already know that I've decided to act ambitious and start a webcomic. I haven't gotten far past that, but the content will be the usual somewhat autobiographical type stuff, and whatever else I feel like doing.

I've decided the title will probably be "Lack of Ambition" or something. Ironic, no? Nope. Since a blog like this isn't the best place for a webcomic, I'll have to start a website for it. Since I plan on continually popping out shorts, I will probably also house those there. I may just move everything there. :|

Enough rambling, I promised you all a new short and here is an animation I pooped out in a few days. Note: the sound is kinda low. A better quality version of this exists but I'm holding off on posting it (the animation is the same, the sound is just tweaked and it's HD) because I don't have it on this computer and I am also lazy.

Just hit the play button and the quality becomes not as sucky.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Yesterday I ate some food.

And today I drew this for Illustration Friday.

I just needed to draw something to get me in the animating mood, and this is what ended up happening.

On another note, my current animation project is coming along at a decent pace and I think everyone who views it will enjoy it, unless they have mental handicap preventing them from enjoying things. But that won't be done for a few months yet, and I'm not the type to let many people see the details of what I'm working on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Mundane Daily Occurrences of a Man with No Friends from Tyler Johnson on Vimeo.

This animation I did last year won a gold award at the Addy Awards, and won the the audience vote for People's Choice at the same event! To say that I'm thrilled would be putting it mildly.